Who We Are

At Signature, we are more than just a building full of workout equipment. We are a family dedicated to providing both the support and tools needed to ensure your success. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or you are ready to take the next step, Signature will ensure that you have everything you need to succeed. We are committed to cutting edge fitness options and the kind of support you will need to make the changes you want in your body and your life. Our family, staff, personal trainers and fitness instructors are committed to making sure your experience is both enjoyable and successful!

We offer state of the art cardio and strength equipment meant for all fitness levels. We offer a full range of certified instructor lead fitness classes including Yoga for mobility and flexibility, Inferno Pilates and Yoga UP for amped up cardio and strength, Butts & Guts for targeted strength and toning and much more.  We know that offering both a full range of cardio and strength equipment along with great fitness classes will provide the variety your workout routine will need to be successful long term.  In addition, we offer small group specialized programs designed with specific fitness objectives in mind, led by certified trainers to ensure the best results.

As a family committed to the success of our members, you can be sure that we want you to succeed, will give you all the tools to succeed and you will enjoy the journey with us. We will be there for you as you move towards a more fit, more well and more productive lifestyle!

Signature Health and Fitness: 2019 Upcoming Changes and Updates

We would like to first thank you for being a member of our fitness community! We love seeing all of you in the gym committed to improving your life through health and wellness. Our family has been dedicated to each members fitness journey for the past 7 years and are committed to continuing to invest in the best equipment, classes and training programs to ensure all members success.  

The  fitness industry as a whole is moving away from the large “Box Gym” model in which they provide primarily “pin driven” equipment that has specific fixed movements and requires less effort resulting in less overall strength development.  That's precisely why professional and college athletes use mainly free weights for their strength and conditioning programs.  Free weights, kettlebells, thompson bells, barbells and dumbells aren't just for athletes but also for individuals of all ages looking to improve, maintain or increase overall strength and conditioning. Our focus moving forward for all current and future members is to offer more results based fitness programming that will ensure the long term success of each individual.  Improving each members overall fitness, health and wellbeing through one on one training, semi private group strength training, small group student athlete training,  large group conditioning programs and overall nutrition and diet support.  In order to do this we need to make some changes in equipment and layout and reinvest in our facility and our personnel.

Though many of you have heard about and seen some of the changes happening, we wanted to share with all of you more details about the upgrades and changes coming as we kick of 2019!  We also thought it would be good to go over the things that aren’t changing so you don’t have to worry that any part of what we currently offer will go away.


  • Signature will remain a 24/7 access fitness facility
  • We will continue to offer a full series of group fitness classes to all of our members
  • All membership rates will remain the same (there is no increase in rates coming with the improvements). As a current member your rates for the memberships that you have now will remain unchanged not just for the time being but going forward.
  • Most importantly we will continue to maintain an amazing fitness community of members, employees and trainers that are committed to your success


  • We will be converting the spin studio into our new fitness class studio. Why? Because we want to get the best use out of the space we have and the spin room is the least used space in our gym. Based on our class sizes over the past 18 months this change will be an easy transition! We will notify you of the date of the transition as we get closer.
  • Based on member feedback over time and class attendance there will be some small adjustments in class start times, days, length of classes and the addition of some new/different fitness class offerings. Once we finalize the new fitness class schedule we will send that out to you as well.
  • The small room off of the strength area of the gym (power lifting room) will be going away as we transition the fitness room as well.  The equipment in this room will be returned back out to the main gym floor in the strength area where it belongs. This will make these racks more accessible to all members within the strength area of the gym.
  • Updates and changes to the strength and conditioning areas of the gym include eliminating some equipment that is either outdated and or duplicated in the gym allowing for a better lay out of the facility.   We have also invested in some great new equipment that will support our mission of offering more free weights and conditioning equipment. New equipment on order  includes: 4 new full Rouge weight racks, new benches, New weight bars, kettlebells, thompson bells, 3 Rogue Echo bikes and  3 Concept 2 Ski Ergs.
  • A commitment to more specialized training systems to help our current and new members to achieve their fitness goals. These will include a revamp of our current large team conditioning program (Fitcamp), an addition of a Fitcamp Fundamentals class designed for those just beginning, semi private strength training programming, more access to one on one personal training and a wrap around nutrition and diet programming system.
  • New tiered membership options that will allow members to get the exact level of training and support they need to accomplish the  goals they are looking to accomplish.

Our focus moving forward is to offer a results driven comprehensive training programming to current and new members. All of us at Signature Fitness are super excited about the upcoming changes and hope to have them done by mid January!  

Please be patient with us while we clean up, touch up, repaint and relocate things around the gym over the next few weeks.  We wanted to be able to keep the gym up and running while we make these changes and upgrades so our members don’t lose access to our facility while we make it all happen.

If you have any questions about the upcoming changes just stop by the front counter and either Pat, Jill or Amanda can help you out and explain anything if you wanted more details! 

We hope you are getting just as excited as we are to start the new year with these new and amazing changes!

- Pat, Jill and Amanda Lane