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Sign up any time during the year for this 8 week challenge! If you lose 10% of your starting weight you will win money back!!

This 8 week lose to win challenge is an all inclusive program that includes 3x a week fitcamp, 2x a week cardio (cardio can be a spin class, pilates, your own cardio on a machine, or even follow one of the HIIT classes we will provide you with!), diet plan and full 24/7 gym access during your 8 week program, no need to get a membership on top of this program because it has everything you need to hit your weight loss goal!!

A diet plan will be provided for you to follow during this 8 weeks.

The Saturday before you start will be an orientation at 8am to go over the workouts, diet program, how to use the Tanita scale to follow your progress and any questions that you might have about the program.

If you lose 10% of your starting weight you win 30% of your money back in 'gym bucks' (can be used towards anything in the gym!)

Don't wait for any specific date, sign up now and start your 8 week weight loss journey! 

*Time of class: Time is up to you! Pick from any one of our Fitcamp Times and attend Fitcamp 3x a week. Cardio days are also up to you, pick from a specific class time or just come in on your own! 

Lose to win 8 week challenge is about starting when you want and doing it at a time that works best for your schedule! Lose the weight and win money back, it's a win win! 

Program is $250 for the entire 8 week program! If you lose the weight that means you get $75 back at the end of the 8 week challenge.

Questions or looking to sign up? Call 5635878052 or stop by the front counter today!

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Lose to Win Challenge


Is learning proper lifting form and technique on your list of resolutions for 2018? 

Register for our 6-week Weight Lifting Program offered 3x a week, and start building muscle tone and confidence in our weight room! 

Each Session only has a max of 6 spots! 

Program coming soon.


More Info Coming Soon...

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