Small Group Weight Training

Small Group ‘pod’ training makes use of the body's most basic movement patterns. Barbell squat, deadlift, overhead press and bench press exercises involve all of the body’s muscle mass. Utilized over the longest effective range of motion and loaded progressively, to force the adaptations necessary for increased strength. These four barbell exercises, when done correctly are the best strength tools for professional, college, and high school athletes. By default they are the best for anybody who wants to increase their strength and muscle mass. Besides the basic four exercises, we will also be using accessory exercises to help your cardio and functional condition as well. The accessory exercises will use  TRX, Kettlebells, Thompson Bells, and other very unique pieces of specialty equipment only found at Signature. 

Pod Training is a long-term process designed for getting you stronger over time, not a random collection of exercises that just make you hot, sweaty, sore, confused, and tired today.  The best part of this system is when you sign up for this program you also get large group conditioning (fitcamp) included along with full 24/7 access and fitness classes (yoga, pilates, etc.).

Class schedule coming soon in early 2019!