Not letting your limitations win

Published March 9th, 2018 by Sighealthadmin

Welcome to this week’s trainer talk blog.  Today I will be talking about two members that have overcome great obstacles and how they are wonderful examples of not letting life limitations stop them in their fitness journey.

Over my 15 years as a personal trainer I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet some truly extraordinary people, people that have had every reason to stop, to quit, or to give in to life’s limitations.  I would like to share two stories with you today and hope that you can draw some inspiration to help you along your own fitness journey.

Out of respect for these people I will not use their real names.  

Around five years ago I met a woman named Kelly.  She had pretty much just started working out but you could tell that her gym time was more than just exercise; it was her therapy, the place where she could work out life’s stress and be in control.  This is not what made Kelly special though. What made her special was that she was a single mother of two children that worked 12 hour shifts at night so she could spend as much time being the mother her children needed her to be.  She sacrificed countless hours of sleep, usually operating on less than four hours in order for her to be with her children.  This act of devotion would be enough to impress anyone, but Kelly also found time to go to the gym and work on herself.  The gym was her time, a time where she didn’t need to be a mom, a workaholic, or anything.  She could just be Kelly. Days when she was tired, anxious, or rushed she still made time for herself.  Kelly realized something very important at an early stage, she realized that in order to be the best that we can be for the people we love we have to take time to love ourselves.  

So many times we find excuses or limitations that may cause to put our self or our fitness on the back burner.  Use Kelly as an example of how we need to remember to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

One day when I was working in my former store a young man came in to talk to me about how he was struggling to find motivation.  I asked him about his fitness history trying to get some perspective on what he had been doing.  I was not prepared for what I was about to hear, Jeff had spent the last year learning how to walk again.  Jeff served in Afghanistan in the military and had half of his upper leg was blown off during a mission.  This man walked into my store telling me that he was having trouble with his motivation.After hearing his story I looked him right in the face and told him “you are a walking motivational story.”  Since that day Jeff has been a fitness addict and has achieved a remarkable physique.  Jeff had every reason to quit, to give up, and to settle with his journey being what it was.  Jeff didn’t quit but instead, rose above the limitations that he had and made himself a platform to share his story in order to help others.  

Two completely different people with completely different “life limitations”, yet neither of them let their limitations stop them from pursuing their fitness journey.  When your mind or body gives you a limitation I hope you can draw strength from Kelly and Jeff to keep striving forward, I know I have.

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