How to shed that last 10 pounds

Published March 16th, 2018 by Sighealthadmin

How do I lose that last 10 pounds?? Many of you I am sure have asked yourself this question. You have had success losing the first part of weight you wanted to lose but it’s not coming off anymore and you are beyond frustrated.  The frustration is understandable because you have worked so hard to get here and you want to lose that last 10 to get to your goal. But don’t let that frustration get you down, you have spent hours in the gym and hours meal prepping and it was all for this goal! You are almost there! I have 4 tips for you to help get that last 10 pounds off! It is possible just trust in the process and don’t give up, you have come to far already to stop now! Stopping is not an option. Don’t let your hard work and dedication go to waste; you can do this and you will do this because when you are done every moment of that hard work will be worth it.

                Move more outside the gym. Many of us work sedentary jobs where we sit all day long and don’t have a chance to really stimulate our metabolism.  Try to make a vow to yourself to walk more every day.  In addition to your regular workouts try to walk on your lunch hour and try to add an after dinner stroll, with the warmer weather coming this also serves as a nice quiet stress reliever.  Moving more after dinner will also aid in digestion of your dinner and help you avoid the after dinner snacking. Grab a friend or your dog and get out there (it helps motivate your friend and gives you a nice calm dog at night – win win!).

                Don’t make any foods off limit.  I know what you are thinking, WHAT????  I can eat whatever I want???  Slow down buddy, this is what I mean by this.  It’s called moderation.  Instead of eating a massive piece of cake or whatever your sweet tooth is craving, taste tests it.  Chew slowly and enjoy only a bite.  Savor the flavors of what you are eating instead of inhaling it all.  If you start your day with a hearty and healthy breakfast (i.e. oatmeal), it will curb your hunger and allow you to have just that one bite of cake and have more control of what you are eating and the amounts of it. Plus hasn’t anyone ever said no you can’t have this or do this and you just want it that much more?? Well don’t say no, just say within moderation.

                Clean up your weekends.  This is a big one.  Most people can follow their diet program with relative ease Monday thru mid Friday.But when we check out from work on Friday too often we check out of our diet as well.  We want to celebrate, relax and enjoy our free time on the weekends.You can still do all of these things without derailing your progress made during the week. If you must go out to eat be mindful (skip the apps and try something insane like ordering veggies or a side salad and not fries!!). As for the drinks…after a long week we all sometimes need that drink, just watch how many and avoid sugary drinks (stick to your red wine, mix with diet soda, or just water and some citrus!). Enjoy your time with loved ones, friends, or even just with a good book, but try to stick to your plan, it is worth it in the end.

                Start lifting weights.  Hours of cardio will burn calories as long as your heart rate is elevated.  When your heart rate normalizes so does the metabolic activity in your body and you are no longer burning calories.  Lifting weights not only burns calories while you train but the more lean muscle mass you have on your body means the higher your resting metabolism will be and the faster your weight loss will be.

The last ten pounds can be tricky but if you can increase your calories burnt outside the gym, have more self-control with certain foods, stick to your plan on the weekends, and boost your metabolism with weight training you will see those last 10 pounds melt away.

Just remind yourself again and again, you have come too far to stop now. You can crush your goals if you just start adding these tips to your routine. Once you hit your goal you will be so happy and proud of yourself that you will make another goal, forgetting about how frustrating that last 10 pounds was because the reward is just so much greater.

Good luck and as always contact me if you need any help with diet and/or your workouts!

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