5 Pitfalls to Avoid when at the Gym

Published February 22nd, 2018 by Sighealthadmin

Welcome to this week’s trainer talk blog.  Today we will be talking about the five most common pitfalls I observe people making in the gym.

  1. Lifting too light. For example if you can have a conversation while preforming your repetitions and just stop once you hit your number you are not maximizing you efforts.  
  2. Lifting a weight that is too heavy. The other side of the coin is that you cannot lift too heavy because then you are sacrificing form in order to complete the repetition and are putting yourself at risk of injury.  Whether you are doing twenty or five repetitions you need to choose an appropriate weight that is challenging and yet something that you can perform with proper form.
  3. Put down the phone.  Whether you are having a conversation, snap chatting, or playing DJ it can wait.  You are here to work out and need to eliminate things that will distract you from putting forth your maximum effort. Along the lines of putting the phone down, your workout is your 30 minutes, 1 hour, or however long you have where you can put everything else on the back burner. Use this time to not only get a great and effective workout in but to also get a mental break from everything else going on.
  4. Quality over quantity. It is easy to get distracted at the gym if you know a lot of people here. But do yourself and your friends the favor of saying a quick hello and then both getting to your workouts! Everyone’s time is limited, so take the small time you do have to get your best workout in! Bust your butt, get in and get out.  What is important is the quality of your workout not its length.
  5. Train your entire body.  We have all heard the expression of an olive on tooth pics.You have a lower body that needs to be trained too.  The more lean muscle mass you can have on your body the faster your metabolism will be, which equates to being able to eat more without gaining fat.

We all get distracted and things come up while we are trying to get our me time in at the gym but try to remember just that, it is your ‘me’ time. When you walk into the door have a plan and concentrate on your workout and your workout only! Try leaving that phone in the car next time or putting it on airplane mode, say a quick hello to a friend and not an entire conversation (save that for a coffee date later in the week!), and have that workout plan that trains your entire body at a weight and number of repetitions appropriate for your fitness goals! Good luck and we know you can do it!

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