10 of the many reasons yoga is good for you

Published November 28th, 2017 by Sighealthadmin

The benefits of yoga could go on for a very long list, but to save time we have highlighted just ten of these reasons! 

  • Improves your flexibility - This is usually the first one that comes to everyone's mind! For some people this is a good thing that they want to obtain and for other's, it is what scares them away. In yoga you will gain flexibility through out the classes as your tight muscles start to loosen up and things that you once thought would be impossible to do become possible over time.  A common misconception for yoga is that you must be flexible before you start yoga and this deters a lot of people from coming but, this is not true! You do not need to be flexible prior to coming to a class - that is what the class is there for to provide you with the flexibility you don't have! So whether you can touch your toes or not yoga is for you - everyone can gain more flexibility through regular classes.  
  • Builds muscle strength - Yoga helps our bodies build strength while also gaining flexibility. Yoga is a fine balance where your body gets everything it needs and not just one piece of the fitness equation. Building strength is important because strong muscles prevent us for getting certain conditions like arthritis or even back pain. 
  • Perfects your posture A majority of people today have bad posture because they are stuck at a desk all day, or driving in a car or some other job that promotes bad posture - yoga is here to correct that! Going to a classes regularly will allow your body to strengthen the muscles needed for good posture and allow you to stretch out and counteract that bad posture you had all day.
  • Prevents cartilage and bone breakdown - The prevention of cartilage and bone breakdown happens by allowing your joints to get a full range of motion. Do you ever wonder why you stretch the same area so many different ways? Well this is your answer, you need to allow you body to stretch in a full range of motion to get all angles so that your body can benefit fully.
  • Protects your spine - Your spinal disks need movement to be healthy. Movement needs to be balanced between forward folds, back-bends and twists - all of these movements allow your spine to get that full range of motion to stretch and continue to be healthy.
  • Betters your bone health - Mentioned before, yoga strengthens your muscles but it also strengthens your bones. The same movements that give you strong muscles also give you stronger bones. For example, doing a chaturanga will help strengthen your arm muscles because you are holding up your body weight but it also helps strengthen your bones! 
  • Increases your blood flow - Yoga increases you blood flow in a number of different ways! Different poses have different benefits - any kind of inversion (handstand, shoulder stand or even just legs up the wall at the end of your practice) takes the blood that is in your feet and legs back to your heart, which pumps the blood through and oxygenates it again. Another type of pose that has great blood flow benefits is twists - doing a twist helps rid your body of toxins and then allows that oxygen to get back in to keep your body health (twists are also great to help get toxins our of your digestive system as well - it is like ringing out a sponge, but you are the sponge!)
  • Drains your lymphs and boosts immunity
  • Ups your heart rate - Getting your heart rate into the aerobic range (this is the fat burning stage - between 50 -100% of your heart rate reserve) lowers your risk of heart attack. Not all yoga will get you here but there are multiple types that will - for example if you take power yoga classes or any type of yoga sculpting classes the incorporates weights and cardio with yoga poses.
  • Drops your blood pressure

These ten reasons alone should be enough for you to add yoga into your fitness routine to help balance out your daily life (for example sitting at a desk all day) or to balance out your current workouts (example if you lift or run all the time you might need to add yoga to gain that flexibility and range of motion).

Signature Health & Fitness has tons of different yoga classes to pick from and classes are included in our membership! Don't wait because you think you need to know how to do yoga prior to coming in or that you need to be flexible before you try yoga - that is what the class is for, to help teach you!!

Go check out our class schedule today! There is always someone new to class, so don't worry if you have never tried it before because you won't be alone!

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